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For Ienzo Lovers - 2011
A/N: Okay so I know Ienzo is only a kid, well I think he is, anyways yeah so in this he's gonna be a few months older than you…anyways enjoy
As you sit there staring intently at the wall you let out a quiet sigh before sitting back in your chair heavily as you continue to stare at the wall.
At the minute you're sitting in the lab with Ienzo and Even, and you are bored to death. You've been sitting in here all morning just sitting in on your chair, spinning around on it aimlessly as Ienzo and Even continued to work on……well, whatever it is that they were working on. Both of them haven't said at word to you, which makes you feel even more bored than you already are.
You let out yet another sigh, glaring at Ienzo and Even who have their backs to you.
"I'm bored! Guys, how much longer to I have to just sit here?" You ask, frustrated with the fact that they both seem to be ignoring you.
"Well, find something to keep you entertained for a while, _____. We're a bit too
:iconxxxxbeccaxxxx:XXXXBECCAXXXX 65 19
*~ Graduation (and some other stuff)! ~*
As of... a little over a week ago, I am a graduated man! Haha. It's terrible. Don't leave high school.
No, but I'm going to college in a few months. Until then, I'm going to have a lot of free time to do covers and such. I'm a cover artist. I like covering things. But I also want to dabble in original music. I've starting writing lyrics again, which appear to be a kind of summer-y thing, I've noticed. I'm getting excited about all of the cool things I'll be able to do this summer, but I'm a bit weary on my ability to do these thiiings.
I'm losing my Blue Snowball in a few days, and until I get a new mic, I won't be able to really do covers. Hopefully, it won't be very long before I can get a new one, but I'm beginning to look at better quality equipment because I want to be able to create and give you guys higher quality music. For that, I need an audio interface. Most people don't really know about audio tech, and admittedly I've only just started getting the gist of things, but I rea
:iconashestoashesjc:Ashestoashesjc 4 41



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is suishou! (Please ignore my weabooish profile name //sob) and I...draw and sing. Yes. I draw and sing. Please do not check me out <---being sarcastic

Alias: suishou
Age: The unlucky number of the whoooole woooorllldd
Birthday: November 21, 19xx
Original projects (on-going):
-Last Chance (the ones with May Kuroi and company)


Skype: xsuishoux
YT: HatofulSuishou
Twitter: (lost the password)
Yesterday was the recognition of our school and guess what?

I consider it one of the best days in my entire life.

Why, you wonder?

Well, that's because... I took a picture with my crush.

Askdf My friends set me up again but heck do I care

I can die happily now with such a remembrance. //please ignore over dramatic suishou


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